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H.Upmann Vintage Cameroon, Lonsdale, 6 5/8 X 44, Box  25
H.Upmann Vintage Cameroon, Lonsdale, 6 5/8 X 44, Box 25
H. Upmann Vintage Cameroon cigars are back! Established in the 1840’s this company is one of the oldest brands still in existence. H. Upmann is even credited in many places for being the first to package their cigars in cedar boxes. Winner of seven gold medals from these early days, these medals are still represented in the lithographed art that adorns every box. These fine cigars were a staple in the humidors of cigar aficionados prior to 1995 when shortages required significant changes to the recipe. While the new H. Upmann Vintage Cameroons have a new recipe comprised of a mix of full-flavored long leaf fillers from Nicaragua, Peru, and the Dominican Republic, they are beautifully bundled in high quality African Cameroon cigar wrappers that will appeal to today’s cigar-smoking enthusiasts, many of whom have no idea of the quality and flavor for which old Havana cigars were revered. The company gives credit to the soil and sun as well as the experience and knowledge that goes into the blending and formulating of high caliber cigars.


Wrapper: Cameroon

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Dominican, Nicaraguan and Peruvian

Body: Full


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Wishing Spring
Limited Supply
Box Sale!
Dad & Charlie
We are pleased to introduce a NEW cigar
developed by my son, Charlie Moore,
TV's "The Mad Fisherman".
The name of his cigar is Trelos Psaria
(meaning mad fish) and it comes in two
sizes.  From one cigar smoker to another,
it is a good smoke!
MONTE by Montecristo
Have you tried Monte by Montecristo?
Conde (pigtail) ~5 X 48~ $128.85
Jacopo No. 2 ~6 1/8 X 54~ $133.20
Monte ~6 X 60~ $136.80
Warlock Natural
Warlock Cigars
Big & bold rolled in Nicaragua.
Selected Ecuadorian Cubano wrapper,
Nicaraguan binder, and blends of
Nicaraguan and Dominican fillers.
Any size, only $95.95!
Nirvana Cameroon Selection
Nirvana Cameroon Selection
Toro 6 X 52 Box of 20
Regularly $216.00
Now Yours For $189.95

The official cigar of TV's hit drama. Extra-fermented Oscuro wrapper filled with an aged Cuban blend of long-fillers from Nicaragua. Rich. Medium to full bodied. Delivers big satisfaction.

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